Monday, February 5, 2018

Phra Somdej Kru Wat KudiThong BE 2395

Phra Somdej Kru Wat KudiThong BE 2395 
With 3 pcs gold, Ceremony by many top guru master of that Era the Legendary Phra Phuta Ajan Toh Of WatRahkang to be say as one of the Leading Master also his holiness Master Ajan Saeng. One of the best somdej blessed by many top master. Phra Somdej blessed by Ajan Toh from Wat Rahkang, Wat Bangkunprom, Wat Khechaiyo price are very expensive but for this batch of Somdej Wat KudiThong much more affordable. 
With Thaprachan Verification Card Ready
嵩笛Kru Wat KudiThong 佛历2395年
三片金版本。法会由当代大师加持。据说当时法会由嵩笛帕阿赞多拉康佛寺和其师傅阿赞醒主持。现在要恭请阿赞多师傅加持嵩笛出于拉康佛寺, Bangkunprom佛寺或Khechaiyo佛寺相当高价。相比之下这期嵩笛Wat KudiThong一样师傅加持但是就亲民很多。


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