Thursday, September 19, 2019

Phra Rattana Kosin Rama 4 BE 2394~95

Phra Rattana Kosin Rama 4 BE 2394~95
Nur Tong Pasom mixed with lots of Gold, Silver and Jewellerys from Royal
Antique Phra created and design by the King Rama 4, Blessed by Somdej Toh of Wat Rahkang and many other masters approximately 166 years ago.
Certified Authentic By Thaprachan-mag
小金佛RattanaKosin 督制于泰皇4世佛历2539年
大法会又嵩笛多( 阿赞多) 主持和当代名师一起开光加持于大约166年前.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Takrut Solot Mongkon By Lp Thongsuk Wat Sapansoong (Sapansung ) BE 2495 ~

SLMK(New Arrival)
Early Batch Takrut Solot Mongkon By Lp Thongsuk Wat Sapansoong  (Sapansung ) BE 2495 ~ 
Approx 4inches +/- Long 
Mircon gold case ready to wear
SamakomPhra Certified Authentic
Wat Sapansung lineage very popular for Phra Pidta and Takrut Solot Mongkon. Regard as the Top 5 Powder Phra Pidta and Top 5 Takrut of all time in Thai, Genuine Takrut Solot Mongkon by Grandmaster Lp Iam can easily cost you from 300k Bath onwards. Takrut Solot Mongkon created by Lp Thongsuk to be say as the best substitute and as Efficaciousas as Lp Iam but much more affordable. Lp Mastered the skill of creating Efficacious Takrut Solot Mongkon and phra Pidta, many left over material from Lp Iam to Lp.Klin were use to mixed in to this Takrut Solot Mongkon. 
Takrut Solot Mongkon regarded as one of the Top Range Takrut of all time. All rounder takrut, whichever own this takrut Solot Mongkon are free from all harm, flourish with endless blessing, wealth and prosperity, Protection from all directions. 
Note: In times many has learn to make takrut solot mongkon but not many Mastered the Skills, Wat Sapansung lineage are one of the most well recognized and respected by many.
Note: Thers a smaller version approx 2inches to 2.5inches

素落蒙空符管龙婆通蜀WatSapansoong ( Sapansung)佛历2495 ~ 
配有镀金符管外壳 大约4寸+/- 
品相漂亮 收藏级品相
师傅直系有泰国5大粉必达之一的龙婆Yim大师,师傅除了必达外素落蒙空又称为16层天符管也是属于顶级符管有全能符管的美誉,得到天神保护,祝福,扭转乾坤,让坏事变好,战胜敌人竞争对手,成愿,转好运。相比祖师(师公)龙普YIM 的符管现在最少都30万泰铢起跳属较平实,采用祖师和师傅传承下来的制作符管独戴心咒法门,必达,经粉和金属参与一起制作,师傅也尽得祖师真传所以佩戴龙婆通蜀的圣物绝对是非常好的代替品灵验功效绝不逊色于祖师但价格就相差甚远。据资料法门只传能够接班的徒弟,很可惜,据说传到龙婆通蜀就失传了。

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Phra Somdej 9 Chan Oak Trong By Lp Toh Of Wat Pradoochimplee BE 2514

Phra Somdej 9 Chan Oak Trong By Lp Toh Of Wat Pradoochimplee BE 2514
Nur Pong mixed with lots of holy powder

The above omdej 9 Chan Oak trong Consecrated by Lp Toh On BE 2514, mnay ahs mistakenly or assume that Lp Toh Famous for his Phra pidta actually Somdej and other Amulets are also very popular and saksit,the above pc of Somdej in very good condition, good for Wealth and fortune, business and trading, Metta, Safety and avoiding misfortune

龙普多9曾嵩笛 Wat Pradoochimplee 佛历2514年
包好纯银壳 (开关)

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

天童爱凯自身小立尊Wat Chedi 佛历2562

天童爱凯自身小立尊Wat Chedi 佛历2562年大法会 铜镀玫瑰金材质 数量有限,牌会随机抽取后寄出100%确保没有伤没有佩戴过每一面都原封+原庙盒 
备注: 爱凯短故
据说当年爱凯跟随龙普托大师苦行到Wat Chedi, 龙普托大师交代爱凯看管Wat Chedi以防庙宇被破坏和盗窃。爱凯遵守师傅承诺就留守于庙里,很不幸爱凯英年早逝。但是多年来化身不一样的面貌于看管庙宇,赶走来盗窃,破坏的坏人。也给于来共僧,捐款庙宇的信徒得到保护,愿望成真等。多年来灵验事迹不断。拥有(有求必应) 的美誉,当然愿望必须要正系,不能不切实际,也要是好事,信徒也必须遵守佛法和收戒。效果因人而异

1500฿一面 + 防水壳 250฿  


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Loop Lor Kai Ai Kai Wat Chedi BE 2562 

Loop Lor Kai Ai Kai Wat Chedi BE 2562 
Nur KalaiNak ( Rose gold plated)  
Limited unit available + Original temple box 

Aikai Short Bio
According to information, many years ago Aikai Novice are the disciple of the legendary Lp Thuad, during the Legendary Lp Lp Thuad pilgrimage to Wat Chedi Lp Thuad ask Ai Kai to stay and take care Wat Chedi to prevent Thieves to steal or damaged the sacred compound. Ai Kai kept his promised and taking care of Wat Chedi according to Lp Thuaf. Unfortunately Ai akai Die at Young age, after many years many had try to trespass or try to steal from the temple were chase away by Ai Kai, devotees who come to pay respect, help, donate for the temple fund are well protected and many had their wishes granted by Ai Kai, ( Wishes must be logically made, one must practice goodwill and practice the 5 precepts). Results vary from person to person. 

Will distribute according to sequence and randomly pick up. Guaranteed Original unworn and no damaged. 
1500฿ each Waterproof casing + 250฿ 

Due to high demand Price will be update from time to time till stock last. 

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