Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pra khun Paen Prai Kaew Pong Prai Khan Yaa Wat Khae BE 2557 SuphanBuri Set 2 of 2

Pra khun Paen Prai Kaew Pong Prai Khan Yaa Wat Khae BE 2557 SuphanBuri
Nur Pong Prai Ghan yaa ( Pong Plai Khan Yaa ) Silver takrut
A set of Phim Yai & Phim Lek

The Above Khun Paen Mixed with the efficacious and Now Very popular Pong Prai Ghan Yaa ( phong Plai Khan Yaa ), Major blessing ceremony at Wat Khae Of Suphaburi also temple where One of the ceremony held for the Khun Paen Prai GhanYaa 1st available.
Some of the famous Master attended for blessing ceremony such as
Lp Ruay Wat Dtako
Lp Perm Wat Phom Kaew
Lp Boon Wat BangPern
Ajan Tiu Wat Maneechonlakhan 
and many more

Phong Prai Ghan Yaa is the holy powder created and mix by Lp Ya Kun Jun also known by local as Ajan Jun, Phong Prai Ghan yaa Mixed with the ashes of a virgin female name Mae Nit from Ubon Rachathani Born on 7th Day in March Saturday, passed away on 7th Tuesday. before the Ashes can be mixed into Phong Prai Ghan Yaa has to go through many major blessings and consecration, the method used by Ajan Jun are the same as Lp Tim Of Wat Lahanrai to create Pong Prai Kuman, one of the reason that Pong Prai Ghan Yaa are now one of the most sough after Khun Paen in the market. Numerous good feedback from wearer devotees.

Note: the current market price of  1st issue has gone up between 4 to 5 figure in RM and even higher for special Limited Phim.

Rent结缘价: SOLD

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