Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pra Pidta Jumbo Song Run Sam Dtaimak By Lp Toh Of Wat PradooChimplee BE 2521~23

Pra Pidta Jumbo Song Run Sam Dtaimak By Lp Toh Of Wat PradooChimplee BE 2521~23
Material: Nur Bailan + 1 Silver Takrut

The above Jumbo 2 are one of the rare skin type, Thais refer as Tukkae Skin or Lizard skin that is rare among Nur Bailan material, you can see white spots all around the pidta, furthermore this Jumbo 2 Silver takrut inserted inside the leg instead being press under the base and this is rare and uncommon. Most of all the Above jumbo 2 in very good condition that 10 fingers and toes clearly seen, all the 6 bracelets on the knees and the angles display fully in details. Yan Sukittima or yan changing destiny clearly seen and deep in details. 29 Inscription Letters without missing at the back, the size is thick 6mm as normal Jumbo 2 are around 5mm. With water proof real gold casing. Of course the price will be higher than normal condition Jumbo 2, but why not pay more for an almost perfect collectors item instead of paying less for less condition item as we all know that even normal condition Jumbo 2 wont come cheap nowadays. 

Note: Lp Toh Consecrate this batch of Pidta Jumbo 2 for 3 yrs phansa From BE 2521 ~ BE 2523 together with Pidta Plodnee 

 Highly recommended 


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