Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Luang Pu Rien Wat Aranya BungPod

Luang Pu Rien Phra Dart ( Bone ashes Crystal Relics )
Dhammayut or Forest tradition monk LP Rien Wat Aranya BungPod
森林派静坐传统高僧 LP Rien Wat Aranya BungPod

~Short Bio~
Born on BE 2455 become monk at 20yrs old BE 2475 At Wat ban Hong Tong Nongkai Province
Ordained BE 2476 Dhammayut at wat PhoSompon Udontani tudong to Loei province cafe with leader Phra Ajahn Bunma, Met and learn from Phra Ajahn man at BE 2481
Passed away on May 5 BE2548 when he is 93 years old.

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