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Phra somdej Kee Hanuman Lp Cheang Wat BangPang BE 2481

Phra somdej Kee Hanuman Lp Cheang Wat BangPang BE 2481
Nur Pong Pasom 
Lp Chaeng amulets has been very famous among vetaran collectors for many yrs now, during the Indochina war soldiers who possess Lp Cheang sacred object such as Phayant and amulets were all return home to their loved ones safely, by then many miracle incidents shared by soldiers happened during war. Many devotees also experience good Metta and good fortune as well. Many of them travel from far just to pay respect and to obtain amulet from Lp Chaeng. 
Lp Cheang looksit of Lp Parn Of Wat BangHia, Lp Suk Wat Makamtao and learn magical incatation from, later further study from Lp Parn Of Wat Bangnomko also Lp Jong Wat Natangnok. That you can see the Somdej with animal are of the creation after Lp Parn Of Wat Bangnomko, Lp Cheang design it differently from Lp Parn as to not confuse devotees but with mostly the same material, and properties. Many believe that wearing Lp Chaeng Somdej are as good as Lp Parn Somdej. 
嵩笛骑哈努漫龙婆晴Wat BanPang 佛历2481年。
一期非常收藏家欢迎的嵩笛,相传在印度金战争爆发时。凡佩戴师傅佛牌或圣物的士兵都安全回家。很多士兵们分享在战乱时遇到不可思议的灵验事迹都相信是师傅的圣物保佑。很多这些事迹一直流传至今。师傅是虎王龙婆班和有神通第一美誉龙普蜀的徒弟, 学习佛法禅修和法术。后又和神兽嵩笛龙婆班师傅,龙婆钟师傅学法。所以龙婆晴师傅的神兽嵩笛是相传于龙婆班。但是由于不想信徒分不清师傅制作此嵩笛有龙婆班的精髓但造型设计上是有很大差别的当然用料和制作方式上基本上都一样。所以很多藏家都同意佩戴师傅的神兽嵩笛和佩戴龙婆班神兽嵩笛有异曲同工之妙一样好

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