Friday, July 24, 2015

Rian Sa leung Koth RahKang By Lp Phrom Of Wat Chongkae BE 2514

Rian Sa leung Koth RahKang By Lp Phrom Of Wat Chong Kae BE 2514
Coins BE 2500 
Excellent conditions with grade A waterproof Gold case
( Rahkang Code Clear and original, the impact od the coding process can be clearly seen in the other side of the Rian )

The above Rian Sa Lueng also known by some as ( 钱母 ) to believ who own this pc of rian Sa Leung your money will growth, in other word will attract good fortune to the wearer, further more this rian are also very good for Safety protection of all kind as we all know Lp Phrom Amulets and talisman are one of the top in good safety protection, This batch of Rian Consecrated by Lp Phrom For more than 2 weeks before given to Devotees to wear, the main purpose of the rian are to be given to those devotees who donate and those help in the temple, during building works, restoring work, etc that refuse to be paid when offered. Very Good merits and purposes Rian。 

Rent结缘价: SOLD

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QQ:  2384648105
Local Free Courier charges Via Poslaju or similar Service
Overseas EMS Charges to be advise ( 海外快邮收费有待商议)
Payment Accept Bank Transfer, PayPal, Western Union etc

Please Read Payment Method T&C Before Proceed to Purchase

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