Saturday, December 20, 2014

Khun Tha Laey By Lp Maha Surasaak Of Wat Pradoo BE 2555

Khun Tha Laey By Lp Maha Surasaak Of Wat Pradoo BE 2555
Nur Mai Sao Bosh

Hand Craft Yant By Maha Surasak

The Above Khun Tha Laey, It was crafted out from the Bot pillar woods, when restoring work took place at Wat Pradoo Bot the main chanting hall, part of the pillar woods has been remove and replace with new one, those pillar woods has absorbing numerous chanting and blessing from the ceremony held since the Bot being build from few generations of abbot and vsrious master ago till Maha Surasak, throwing it away would be a waste as the woods are sacred, that is when Maha Surasak decided to craft it into Khun Tha Laey also known by some as Phalakid, But According to Maha This should not be address as Palakhid, due to respect should be address as Khun tha Laey also known as The Ocean Deva, that you can pray and wish for what you want. Very good for Wish come true, career success, drawing in wealth and fortune and avoiding Unfortunate event.

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