Friday, October 24, 2014

Rare Roop Ohm TianChai Pasom By Lp Prom Of Wat ChongKaek


Rare Roop Ohm TianChai Pasom By Lp Phrom Of Wat Chong Kek
Material: Nur TianChai Pasom See Peung( Candle wax and Metta Wax)

Beautiful & original condition with Grade A Waterproof Real Gold case

The Above Roop Ohm Mixed with Tian Chai See peung and Chanmak Consecrated by Lp Phrom Of Wat Chong kek are one of the Rare item from His holiness, due to popularity and numerous miracles and positive feedback His holiness amulets and talisman price are very high & steep nowadays, and many replica and fake item circling the market. The above Roop Ohm are one of the best for Collections and wearing. 

Price: SOLD
Postage: Malaysia Free Postage 
Please Read Payment Method T&C Before Proceed to Purchase

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