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Somdej Kaiser Wat Arun BE 2529 Phim yai Cert 4803

(Credit to the original author for the information)
Somdej Kaiser Of Wat Arun BE 2529 Phim Yai
Approx: 4.5cm x 3cm
Short info
More than 200 kinds of sacred soil from overseas and local religious places. The materials have been blended and consecrated for 9 candle lightning ceremonies chaired by the Supreme Patriarch, Somdej Phra Yangsangvorn, and by 99 senior Buddhist monks.
It took 25 years to collect all the materials and the consecration ceremonies took 3 years before can be rent from Wat Arun

famous monk such as
Lp Kassem
Lp Koon Wat Banrai
Lp Yeam Wat SamNgam
Lp Pern Wat BangPhra
Lp Mee Wat Muvinchai
Lp Jarun Wat Amphawan
Lp Pae Wat Pikulthong
Lp Liew Wat Raithangtong
Lp Put Wat KlangBangPhra
Lp Cham Wat Donyaihom etc etc
total of 99 master

Material such as:
Soil from Lord Buddha’s birth place (India)
Soil from Lord Buddha’s enlightenment site (India)
Soil from Lord Buddha’s First Sermon site (India)
Soil from Lord Buddha’s Parinibbana site (India)
Wat Rakhang old somdej powder
Wat In Old Somdej powder
Wat Mai old somdej Powder
Powder of broken somdej 09
Powder of Wat Paknam Phra Kongkwan Roon 1, 4, 6
Ashes and Relics from various famous master etc

超过200种以上来自泰国和海外的宗教场所的神圣土壤,神圣粉末和草药, 矿石,水晶, 宝石,金属, leklai, mekhaphet, mekhasit,舍利, 等等,

Price: SOLD
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