Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Phra PhanTai By Ac Chum Chaikiri BE 2497 Kamakan

Phra PhanTai By Ac Chum Chaikiri BE 2497 Kamakan 
Approx 8cm x 5.5 cm
Done with Southern Damulet Verification Card 
Phra Phim BE 2497 Kamakan or Committee Phim Consist Of Phra Yod Kun Pon and Phra Phan Tai, which is very rare to come by nowadays. Rare collections. Less than 100pcs were produced. There is also a later version created on BE 2506 where slightly smaller than the BE 2497 block Raek version. Fellow collectors if you plan to collect this Phra PhanTai must tale extra precaution. Material used and Piti were one of the biggest in Southern Thai history. 
帕班代佛阿赞忡师傅加持制作于佛历2497年。约 8cm x 5.5cm
佛历2497年制作的牌里面有两个理事长版本Yod Kun Pon 和班代。确实数量不详但据可靠消息制作不超过一百面甚至更少。后期大约2506年间师傅有加持另一个班代佛,其版本和一期非常接近为比一期少一些,很多信徒错当06为97班,所以如果想收藏做一期的朋友们要多加注意。用料和法会可以说是泰国南部一场非常大的法会可以形容为空前绝后。相信也不必多介绍


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