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Phra Somdej Yan Vilas By Lp Daeng Wat Khao BandaiEt BE 2513/14

Red 红色
Phra Somdej Yan Vilas By Lp Daeng Wat Khao BandaiEt BE 2513/14
With Thaprachan Verification Card ready 
Raw material and sacred powder mixed into this Somdej were brought to bless by more than 300 temples from early BE 2507 till BE 2511, Lp Daeng blessed another 3 years till BE 2513, also blessed twice by Ck Nor of Wat Thepsirin then blessed by Lp Waen of Wat Doo mae Paen and other major blessing ceremony before distribute to public on BE 2514 that is why this batch of Somdej refer as BE 2513 or BE 2514 batch. Before distribution took place Lp Daeng sprinkle gold and bronze dust powder on this batch of Somdej collected from Wat Shuthat. Majority this batch of Somdej can be categorise into 4 different colours and 2 kind of Yant and some other special rare phim. Red, Yellow, grey and Black. Deep and Shallow Yan
-Sacred Powder such as grind broken grown powder of Wat Rahkang, Wat Bangkunprom, Wat SamPluem etc. 
-Holy soil from budhistic site in India
-Pong Ittije, Pong Maharaj, Pong Buddhakun, pong Tri Ni Saeng Hae and Pong Pattamang 
- bronze dust from Wat Boworn, Wat Suthat, War Palelai, Wat Pra Sing and many more.
- 9 holy soils from good and prosperity name area such as ChaiNat, ChaiYaPom, ChaiBadal, PiChai, DenChai, MahaChai, Chaiya, NakhonChaiSri, HariPonChai 
- holy water and TienChai ( Candle wax) from 109 temples etc
- and many more 
用料丰富, 收集的材料经粉加持于佛历2507年到佛历2511年之间, 超过300寺庙参与加持。后又龙婆登师父加持3年到佛历2513年。后招坤诺加持2次于佛历2513年尾。第一次公开给信徒结缘于佛历2514年, 结缘前龙普弯Wat DoiMae Paen 也亲自加持一次和许多2514年间大法会加持, 据资料再给信徒结缘前师父散大量师父再Wat Shuthat收的集金和铜粉碎也因为这样这期牌可以叫做2513或2514年版本
大致上可以分为4中颜色2中印。红, 黄, 灰和黑。深浅印。还要一些少见特别版
- 用料可以参考上文
Note: Chai In Thai Means Victory(胜利)

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