Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Roop Mueng NangMehk Lp Moon Of Wat BanJaan BE 2543 T-Card

Roop Mueng NangMehk Lp Moon Of Wat BanJaan BE 2543
Nur Pong Pasom 350 ( Pong ChumPuNu )
With New Waterproof Silver Casing white gold plated ( open-able)
附有T-Amulet 验证卡

Roop Mueng NangMehk Lp Moon Siting on Cloud, mass mixture of 350 kind of holy sacred powder including Pong ChumPuNu to believe that this powder posses great power of Metta Mahasaneh and Mahalap which many devotees who wear Lp Moon amulets contains Pong ChumPuNu experienced good relationship, wealth and fortune. Went thru major Blessing ceremony at Wat SapLamYai and SomPhratana Blseeing ceremony, many top gejis were also join the ceremony which lead by Lp Moon, such as Lp Ruay, Lp Hong, Lp Sawai, Lp Pian, Lp Lamyai etc. Amulets and sacred ObJect consecrated By Lp Moon are very saksit ( efficacious ) Many has experience good fortune, good relationship, safe from harm and mishaps which is why it has been one of the highly sought after amulets in the market and price consistently increasing. Very good for wearing or as collections.
自身粉牌(师傅坐云)师傅加持于佛历2543年, 大法会在Wat SapLamyai, 另称愿望为成真加持大会, 多名大师级参与加持师傅名称可以参考以上英语翻译排名不分先后。这期自身用料非常好加入大约350种珍贵圣料其中一种就是ChumPuNu 料,据说此料含有非常大的能量能让佩戴着在人缘异性缘财运和成愿方面特强,也因此佩戴师傅参有这料的牌信徒对这方面的感应好评不断。由于师傅制造的佛宝和圣物奇迹不断好评如潮收藏和佩戴着越来越多,因此价格一直上涨。

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