Thursday, March 19, 2015

Takrut Pitsamon By Lp Sawai Of Wat Preederaam BE 2543 NakhonPathom Province New

Takrut Pitsamon By Lp Sawai Of Wat Preederaam BE 2543 NakhonPathom Province
Material:  Ancient Mantra Script over 100years,Thread, Gold Foil & Rak 

Original unworn condition with Water proof case 
Size including case 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch

Lp Sawai personally bless and recite incantation over this batch of Takrut before he passed away peacefully During LaiKaThong BE 2543

Effect: KongKraphan (invurnerbility) Kaew Khlad (pushing you away from danger), Karkai (good Business & Sales), Metta Maha Niyom(Charm and attractive), Maha Amnaj ( Gaining respect from others or fear by your enemy) Chok Lap (good luck) etc 

Note: Many diciple ask Lp Sawai what are the function of this takrut Pitsamon and what can the takrut help me, Lp Will tell them dont ask, wear it and you know. In times many wearer had good experience  and feedback towards this takrut Pitsamon, many incident such as stop gun fire, good relationship, invincible to enemies, good fortune etc
According to one of the Thais who obtain this takrut from Lp Sawai after many good experience from others, he respectably request Lp Sawai that he wanted to open up the takrut and look at the script, as everyone know that Lp Sawai are very kind and humble master, he allowed him to unwrap and cut thru the thread. At first he think to himself the script should be a pc of papper with simple yant like Nak, Maha Ut etc
but to his surprise the script are full of yant, for All purpose or function that you can name it and the side of the script there are pidtas ( yant) as well. That's one of the reason why this takrut pitsamon can be say as all rounder Talisman and one of the best creation by Lp Sawai.

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