Saturday, March 7, 2015

Somdej Phim Prok Poh 龙婆多黑米化石菩提树崇迪 Lang Khao sam derm By Lp Toh Of Wat Pradoochimplee BE 2516 NEW

Somdej Phim Prok Poh 龙婆多黑米化石菩提树崇迪 Lang Khao sam derm By Lp Toh Of Wat Pradoochimplee BE 2516
Nur Pong Pasom ( Ancient Black glutinous Rice )
Excellent condition
With new Open-able Solid Silver Longya Case
Only 7500pcs were produce

Somdej Khao Sam Derm Also known by many As Somdej Black Rice one of the most popular Somdej Consecrated by Lp Toh On the late BE 2510s era, Somdej Lang Khao Sam Dem which mean back with fossil like Glutinous rice that is believe to be over thousands years old, on BE 2516 Lp Toh want to raise fund for restoring Wat Pradoochimplee, and still undecided which moulds and material do be distribute to donor, then a Village leader Of Kangphangpetch province come to pay respect to Lp Toh with a bag of Glutinous rice which he obtain from the one of the famous Jedi ( Chedi) in KangphangPetch Province also the same Jedi where the legendary PhraLeela Thung Setthi amulets were discovered, When Lp Toh received this bag of Ancient Rice, he sat down and meditate, when Lp Toh arose from meditation state he announce that this Bag of rice are holy and should be of good use. This bag of ancient rice were to use to produce 2 different phim of Somdej which is Somdej ThanSing And Somdej ProkPoh in bigger size each were inserted with 1 Ancient rice, not more than 7500pcs were produce for each Phims, at the end of the Blessing ceremony all Somdej both Phim were rented out in the same day, many devotees wearer and donor experience good metta, escape safely from life threatening event or serious accident, and with very good fortune, this most likely that the ancient Glutinous rice were found in the same Jedi of Phra leela Thung Setthi has the famous saying of (Those who own me will never be poor) 

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