Thursday, March 12, 2015

Phra In JamLeng Si Hu Ha Ta 5眼4耳 By 古巴玩印 Kruba BoonYang Co Bless with Kruba Boonma BE 2558 Alpaka

Phra In JamLeng Si Hu Ha Ta 5眼4耳 By 古巴玩印 Kruba BoonYang Co Bless with Kruba Boonma BE 2558
Nur Alpaka ( 阿帕卡白铜)

The above Si Hu Ha Ta ( 4 ears 5 eyes 5眼4耳)Consecrated by Many Top Southern Guru Monks, lead By Kruba BoonYang and Kruba BoonMaa, Both master are currently the top master Of the Southern for making efficacious Si Hu ha Ta, very good for drawing in wealth and fortune, protect or guarding wearer. Very good For those who want good fortune, good business, good sales etc

以上5眼4耳由古巴玩印和古巴玩马+众多师傅念经加持开光,对 保平安,顺利,守财,招财,招生意,偏财正财都好好,古巴玩印和古巴玩马是目前泰国北部数一数二的5眼4耳圣物制造师傅,口碑非常好。 

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