Saturday, February 14, 2015

Phra KongKwan 瓦帕南佛 ( Phra Thamakhan ) Roon 4 Phim Sam Liam Of Wat Paknam BE 2514 New 1

Phra KongKwan 瓦帕南佛 ( Phra Thamakhan ) Roon 4 Phim Sam Liam Of Wat Paknam BE 2514
Nur Pong Pasom Wat Paknam Roon 1~3 
Excellent conditions front and Rear yant Clearly Seen 

The above Phra kongKwan ( phra thamakhan ) Alson known as Pak nam Roon 4 by locals, very popular for safety, protecting wearer from life threatening event, also popular for drawing in wealth and fortune.  The above picture of reported case, husband and wife being shot by furious gunmen wife survive the shooting event wearing the Phra KongKwan Roon 4 ( The husband ask his wife to wear the Phra KongKwan that he's wearing before he go down from the car)


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