Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rian 1st batch By Lp Eaum SamNakSOng TalingChan BE 2556~57

Rian 1st batch By Lp Eaum SamNakSOng TalingChan BE 2556
Material: Nur TongDaeng Rainbow Saifon Surface 

Simple Bio:

Lp Eaum before bot is the local Karawat Or Shaman in english, he has 4 wives with big family members, he was once told by Ajan Parn Of Wat Khao Or Also known as the Magical Institution of Southern Thailand that one day when the time come you will know and see your path clearly, at first Lp Eaum does not understand what and why, after many years one day Lp decided to bot or become monk together with his grandson for 7 days as all Thais will go for bot at least once in their life time. 

In this 7 days, he dream of item involving monk, monk robe, alms bowl etc, till the 6 days Lp understand and decided that he will bot or will dedicate the rest of his life to monk hood , Lp Stayed at Wat Kuan PanaengTang for a long 15 years practice and learning Dharma before Lp left for Tudong at Samnak Taling Chan forest, one of the Famous tudong forest known as Kum Subb that no monk go for Tudong practice can stay for more than 7 days becasue the land spirits or theva will shoo away all monk who practice there. Surprisingly Lp had stayed more than 7years to date, according to info that Lp has make a promise to the 3 land spirits that no trees will be chop down at Taling Chan Forest.

Price结缘价:Not available 

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