Sunday, April 8, 2012

Luang Phor Maha Surasak Of Wat Pradoo

Short bio of Luang Phor Maha Surasak
Luang Phor Surasak the current Abbot Of Wat Pradoo.
LP Surasak famous for his Takrut Maharangup, Pokassab, and Takrut Hwa Jai Loka Tat (takrut Loop Om) and many more, many incident and experiences from these Takruts make by Lp Surasak. such as devotees shot by gun but bullet cant penetrate thru the flesh,escape from accident without injured, business and sales from bad revert to good etc
Lp Surasak study wisha (Magic) from many famous guru monk, Lp Un Of Wat TanGong, Lp Cher Of Wat Klang Bang Kaew, LP Yod of Wat Kheow Cheleorn who was expert to make holy thread and takrut. LP (Maha) Surasak make Takrut following his grandmaster Luang Pu Jai of Wat Sadet’s method that consider Thailand number one Takrut Loka Tat Maker also the master to Lp Yod Wat Kheow Cheleorn, Lp Surasak are one of the direct lineage of making all this famous takruts.
LP Surasak learn the skill of making Biagae ( type of shell) from Lp Cher of Wat klangBangKaew and according to information the last few batches of Biagae were make by Lp Surasak and bless by Lp Cher when Lp Cher stop making Biagae due to old age.
LP Surasak also learn the art and wisha of making Palad Khik from Ajahn Seng who is disciple of LP Put from Wat Phrom Wiharn, PhetchaBuri province.
Some of the above source of info are from the net ( credit to the author)
Lp Surasak Writing Yant ( magic script) and signing on some of the Amulets i rent

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