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Learn Thai

Here i would like to share some Of commonly use thai language for Amulets that i gather around all this while..
and of course credit goes to those who translate and shared.. including myself ha ha ha

๐ ๑ ๒ ๓ ๔ ๕ ๖ ๗ ๘ ๙
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Zero: Soon
One : Neung
Two : Sorng
Three: Sarm
Four: See
Five: Har
Six: Hok
Seven: Jib
Eight: Ped
Nine: Kow
Ten: Sib
Eleven : Sib Et
Twelve : Sib Sorng
Twenty : Yee Sib
Twenty One: Yee Sib Yid
Twenty Two: Yee Sib Sorng
Thirty: Sarm Sib
Fifty: Har Sib
Sixty: Hok Sib
One hundred: Nueng Roy
One hundred and One: Nueng Roy Et
One hundred and Two: Nueng Roy Sorng
Three hundred: Sarm Roy
One Thousand: Nueng Pan
Three Thousand: Sarm Pan
Ten Thousand: Nueng Meuan
Thirty Thousand: Sarm Meung
Fifty Thousand: Har Meung
One hundred Thousand: Neung Sen
Three hundred thousand: Sarm Sen
Five Hundred Thousand: Har Sen
One Million: Nueng Lan

Bai Pho : Bodhi leaf
Bosth : The main hall where the major Buddha statue located
Buddhakom Buddha + Akom , Buddhistic magics
Chakku Eyes
Chand : Moon
Charng : Elephant
Choklap : Getting more money, property, riches etc
Dao : Star
Dek/Noo : Young Person/Child
Thamboon Phapah : A merit making by donation gathered from people
Dhipya : Super natural, extra sensory
Duan : The moon
Fun : Tooth
Gai : Chicken
Gao/Gae : Old
GraDoog : Bone
Guti : Monk house
Hao : Yawn Or " spew "
Kao Chan : Nine tiers
Hoo Cheam : Welded ring
Hubaisi : Curved ears
JaRae : The General Inspector of Police Bureau, refered to Pol Lt Gen Chana
Jer Ro Khe : Crocodile
Kaen Talu : A long narrow gap between the right arm and trunk
Ka Khai : Ability to enhance business and selling
Kanlonghin : A type of alloy
Kanphai : Protection for safety
KhunPhra : Buddha power
Klaew Klaad : Free from all harms
Kleebbua : Lotus petal
Kon : Bottom
Kong Kra Phan Chatri : Invincibility
Koo : Pair
Krueng : Half
Kwai : Buffalo
Lang : Back
Lang Liap : Flat Back
Lang Yant : Yant back
Lek Lai : A legendary metal with magical properties
Nawa Loha : 9 different metal and Alloy
Lo Kru : Dozen
Lor Boran : Old style of mould pouring
Luang : An old-time official title conferred by the king
Luang Ta : Address of monk generally the head or Leader of certain Area
Luang Phor : Address of monk generally above 40years of age
Luang Phu : Address of monk generally abover 80years of age
Luang Pi : Address of younger monk
Maha Amnaj : Great power feared by enemies; charismatic power feared by others
Maha Larp : Great fortune
Maha Metta : To be greatly loved by others all around
Maha Phokhasap : Great wealth
Maha Saneh : Fascinated by opposite sex
Maha Setthi : Billionaire
Mah Sep Nang : A horse makes sexual activity with a lady
Mai : New
MangMee : Prosperity
Mar : Dog
Maw : Cat
Meed : Pagoda Knife
Mekaphat : A type of alloy similar to Leklai
Mekhasit : Mercury
Metta Maha niyom : Effect of loving-kindness
Mondop : A square building, normally for placing a statue
Moo : Pig
Nam Mon : Holy water
Ngern : silver
Ngoo : Snake
Niu : A measurement of around 1 inch ( height )
Niyohm : Popular
Noo : Rat
Noom : Young
Nua lueng : Yellow content
Num Mun Oil
Om : Swallow
Pae : Goat
Pen : Is, am, are
Pet Ploy :/Pet Jewel/Gemstone
Phim Klang : Medium mould
Phim Jew : Mini mould
Phim Lek : Small mould
Phim Yai : Big Mould
Phim Jumbo : Jumbo Mould
Phim Na Lek : Small face phim
Phim Na Yai : Big face phim
Phim Toh Fat & short mould
Phim Hua Toh : Big Head Mould
Phissawas : Extremely fascinated
Phong : Powder based
PhraChao Sam Phra Ong : Three Buddhas
Phra Phong : Holy powder amulets
Phra Smadhi Baipho : Buddha Smadhi, Bodhi-shaped amulet
Plaa : Fish
Pom/Khon : Hair
Pratab : Sitting
Prok : Abbreviation for Nak Prok (Naga Sheltered)
Pump : Machine pumped
Rahu Legendary Demon (who swallows the Sun or the Moon when the eclipse occurs)
Rian : Coin Medal, medallion
Roon Reak : First block or batch
Roon Sutai : Last or Final block or batch
Roop/Roop Muan : A small image by casting, carving, or sculpturing
Sam Jood : Three spots/dots
Samlit : Mixed Bronze
Sapya : Wealth, treasures, assets

Sie Daeng Red
Sie Dum Black
Sie Keow Green
Sie Kharw White
Sie Lueng Yellow
Sie Num Ngern Blue
Sie Num Tao Brown
Sie Thao Grey

Ser Tiger

Singharaj Lion king; Singha = lion, Raj (raja) = king
Smadhi (posture) A posture of Buddha
Sok : A measurement of around 30 cm (height )
Somboon : Abundance, prolificness, complete
TaechoKasin : Ultra meditation based on fire causing miracles
Tae Thong : Pour Mould (molten metal poured into a mould)
Takrut Yao : Long takrut
Takua : Lead
Talab : Mini box
TalodGal : Forever, eternal
Tapian Fish : of wealth & fortune
Than : Seat (usually referring to seats of Roop Lor)
Thard : Tray
Thong : Gold
Thong Daeng Copper
Thong Kam Gold
Thong Leaung Brass
Thong Ngern Silver
Toong : Bag
Visha : Knowledge
Waen : Ring
Wahn : Herbs and medicine etc
Wahn Dok Thong : Fascinated herb
Yamong : Ointment balm
Yant Duang : Yant of life
Yarn : Perception

Names of black magic herb.

Wahn means herb.

wahn sao long = An herb that can make girls fall in love with you or your sexual activity.

wahn ha roi choo = An herb that can make you have many sex partners.

wahn nang lorm = An herb named Prostitute, this herb will make people around you want to have sex.

wahn dok mai thong = An herb named "golden flower", an herb of lust.

wahn dok mai = An herb named "flower", for charming.

porng maa sep nang = A powder mixture named "horse have sex with a girl powder", it's a magic charm powder

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